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Our Community Involvement

As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on fundraisers in and around the community and in doing so, puts us in a position to give back to the community in our own ways. 



Fundraisers that we have done over the years to raise funds are;

- BBQ's

- Ballarat Show - Clean up

- Red Hot Summer Tour - Clean up 

- Hosting BDSA Finals,

- Hosting Country Championships canteen.

- Raffles 


And more. 

How we give back to the community

With the funds we raise, there are several ways we contribute to the community:


A portion of our funds is allocated to providing meals for our young players, the miniroos and mini-matildas, after their weekly training sessions. In 2023, we had 61 children in our sub-junior division, resulting in approximately 1300 meals served throughout the year.


We also assist in subsidizing a portion of the playing fees for our young players to keep costs low for families and emphasize the importance of physical activity in children.


Additionally, we offer shin guards, second-hand football boots, mouthguards, and head guards at very affordable prices to further support our community.


In order to raise as much funds for our club as possible, we rely heavily on volunteers and we're always asking for more help. 

Volunteering can look to;

- Relieve stress

- Increase self-esteem and wellbeing

- Develop and strengthen relationships 

- Raise social skills 


And more.


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