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Round 9

Coming off the back of some huge games for the club during round 8. This week we see most of our team having away games, although our under 7's and under 8's are at home. Regardless of where the teams play try and get around to support everyone as much as possible.

Forest rangers is a community club that relies on the support and effort of many volunteers. This year we have seen a huge step up from the friends and family of the players, which has seen the club build and get stronger. Although we have had so much help there is still so much more that we require help with. This year the BDSA have seen a shortage in referrees being provided for games, in particular our junior ages groups. Each game we are required to provide at least a linesmen and often a centre referee. It is up to the team and the club to organise someone to referee these games. As all the coaches are volunteers they are already doing their part for the team and can not be asked to coach and referee a game all at once. So we need friends and families of players or players from other age groups to step up and help out these teams. The club can not run and teams can not continue to play if we do not get the help and support needed to make it happen. If you are happy to volunteer your time for these roles please reach out and let the coach know. If you are willing to help but are unsure on how to do the role, ask the coach and they can step you through the process. We all want to see the club and every team succeed, we just need the help to make that happen.

'For there's not a team like the Forest rangers'

Senior men's

Forest VS Creswick

Summary of the Creswick game is as follows;'A chilly Ballarat night at home hosting Creswick led to a fiery clash between the two sides pushing to cement themselves in the upper tiers of the BDSA ladder. Only a cruel deflection took the game away from us, with the squad fighting hard, playing with two men down late in the second half.

Senior Women's

Forest VS Creswick White

Smashing 6-0 win against Creswick on a cold Friday night.

Under 15's

Had a bye this week but excited to get into next week's big game.

Under 13's

Forest VS Ballarat

With close to a full squad this week Forest were excited to get stuck into the game and show Ballarat that they are a completely different team. Forest started off well holding Ballarat out until the 29th minute, where an unlucky deflection saw one go into the back of the net. Coming out in the second half with something to prove Forest made several promising attacks up front, being unlucky not to score. Unfortunately running out of legs Ballarat snuck through and scored two quick goals just before the final whistle, seeing for go down 3-0. Although the scoreline was not in Forest favour, the team is getting stronger each week and a win is just around the corner.

Round 9


Under 7's

Forest VS Vikings

Wendouree West Recreation Reserve @10am

Under 8's

Forest Green VS Vikings

Wendouree West @9pm

Creswick VS Forest White

Dough Lindsay @10am

Under 9's

Vic Park VS Forest White

Victoria park @9am

Daylesford VS Forest Green

Victoria Park Daylesford @10am

Under 11's

Ballarat VS Forest

Pleasant Street 10am


Under 13's

North VS Forest

Russell Square @9am

Under 15's

North VS Forest

Russell Square @10:30am


Senior Women's

Bacchus Marsh have forfitted their game against the Forest Women

Senior men's

Bacchus Marsh VS Forest

Bacchus Marsh @3pm

Bacchus Marsh racecourse reserve

Save the date

We are planning our big Forest Rangers social event this year to be on Saturday the 16th July... Keep your eyes posted for more information about our big night! 💚🤍🖤💚🤍🖤

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