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Des Every Award

The Des Every Award is awarded to the 'Club Person' of the year, and is not necessarily awarded to somebody every year. It's awarded to somebody who we as a committee feel has done more for the club than anybody else. 

A list of common tasks that people who've been awarded this award have done throughout the year consistently are things such as;

- Helping set up grounds of a game day e.g., Goals, Line Marking, flags etc.

- Organising team sheets / washing playing kits. 

- Helping at functions / social events (organising / hosting / clean up)

- Assisting at fundraisers.

- Helping in the Canteen. 

- Facilitating at training nights. 

They are typically always around the club, and able to assist with any task when asked,they go above and beyond to do what they can to help. 

Who was Des Every?

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